Our Story
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It is hard to believe that we met just under a year ago but from the moment we did, it soon became clear that we were soulmates. As we met during a global pandemic, (during one of the many national lockdowns) our first dates typically involved walking through our neighbourhoods or other green spaces, wearing winter coats, hats and gloves. Once restrictions began to lift, we were fortunate enough to travel and socialise with friends and family as a couple. However, we are both thankful to have had such a relaxed, humble and 'distraction free' start to our journey, and feel that it enabled us to connect with each other on a much deeper level. 

Our first and undeniable spark has turned into a unique and strong bond that continues to blossom. We’re so thankful that we found each other, and are thrilled that you will be joining us to celebrate our love and future together.

The Happy Couple

We have each written a few short paragraphs about one another and our love so far for those wedding guests who might not know us so well. 


Jasmine Archer

Always fixed with a smile, Jasmine is full of life and energy, the soul of the party which can be felt as soon as she enters a room. Standing at 5ft 5” she is a bundle of joy that everyone loves to be around. Good things definitely come in small packages! Not to mention she is loud and outspoken just like me! Jaz is very creative and artistic. Not only does she get to express her creative flair in digital marketing but she also loves to paint (landscapes are her favourite). Jaz also volunteers with Chris’s family charity, SV2G.

Jaz is very much a linguist, speaking four languages: English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. Jaz speaks so many languages she often doesn’t know how to say certain words in English! Even though I’m the one learning French, Jaz is so much of a supportive partner that she even did my French homework for me whilst doing her own work! (Only once I promise!)

Jasmine loves the outdoors and being in nature and enjoys walks with her doggie daughter Lola. Even though she’s a pain and doesn’t listen I still care for her a lot… Lola, not Jasmine! Jaz is always down to try new things and even encourages me (a creature of habit) to try new things like those nasty chicken hearts, livers and all sorts that she loves to eat. She’s always going on adventures and is now a certified professional at kidnapping me and taking me somewhere new and exciting! Jasmine is very in touch with her emotions, sympathetic and wears her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes she even puts others before herself which is testament to her goodhearted nature. She has a mind of her own, fearless, and never afraid to defend her loved ones or overcome obstacles.


"I have just about forgiven Jasmine for nearly putting me in the friend zone when we first met and I’m grateful to her for choosing me to be her partner and accepting my request for her hand in marriage (not just my Instagram request!) Even though I video called you by accident when we first started talking, our future together was no mistake, our fates were entwined…It was ‘muktaab’ (meant to be). I can’t wait to begin our next adventure together, " - Chris


Christopher Roberts

Chris is an outgoing and bubbly bundle of joy! When he's not busy saving the corporate world, he is typically in his garden reading a book on cryptocurrency or sat with his family enjoying a film. Chris is a very talented musician and teaches the steel pan to adults and children most Saturdays. He is part of a cricket team and plays often but secretly only goes for the free drinks after each game. His dream is to buy and renovate a chateaux in France and has been taking online French classes, as he hopes to turn one into a B&B someday.

Some of you may be unaware that Chris is also a gifted actor. As a child, he starred in Harry Potter (as an extra) and was also photographed and featured in several student textbooks. He is also a fantastic dancer and has taught many people the art of twerking (which I still can't do)! 

"Chris is an absolute delight and inspiration to be around! His empathetic and caring nature makes him a truly genuine and kind being, which can be felt from the minute you are in his presence. He is the most sincere and thoughtful man I have ever met and has taught me to be patient and less hot headed, which as a Scorpio, is often hard to do! One of Chris's wonderful qualities is his ability to socialise and easily connect with the people he meets. As an extrovert, I love the fact that I can take him anywhere and know that he will get along with people and end up being the life of the party! I love that he is so knowledgeable about so many things and has even managed to teach me a thing or two about history and politics (two of my least favourite things). 

I could go on and on about just how special this man is to me, but I would end up writing a book! I sincerely feel that fate brought us both together and I am so grateful that I get to share my life and build a future with him." -  Jasmine